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There are a couple opportunities this summer to gather together for art making and viewing. I hope to see you somewhere.


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hudson library workshops


the Hudson Library is pleased to present

your turn

collaborative art workshops
with Jacinta Bunnell & Cindy Hoose

51 N. 5th Street
Hudson, NY

Monday, JULY 17
5-8 PM

Saturday, JULY 22
1-4 PM

featuring work from the teaching artists & program participants
Friday, AUGUST 4
5-7 PM

Jacinta Bunnell and Cindy Hoose have been collaborating for over a decade on various artistic projects. They spent one year making art with re-purposed game boards as canvases for their show your turn, dear, taking turns on the works in a manner reminiscent of Exquisite Corpse. Now, they want to share this process with YOU.  

Hoose and Bunnell are inviting you to join them in the practice of making communal artwork. In addition to showing a selection of pieces from your turn, dear, they will be hosting two workshops at the Hudson Library to share their process of collaborative art-making. Through a series of exercises and game-inspired prompts, participants will work with one another using a mix of recycled materials and traditional art-making techniques. There is an element of play and adventure in the design of the workshops, where participants take turns, take chances, develop trust, and learn to make art without judgment. NO ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. 

Space is limited. Please register: or 518-828-1792 x101.

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Jacinta Bunnell, Cindy Hoose, Erica Hauser, Stevan Jennis, and Jennifer Maher Coleman
July 14, 2017 - February 7, 2018
Albany International Airport Concourse Gallery

This exhibition features five artists whose work reflects a pictorial affection for unplugged play, relics of American identity, iconic childhood toys, and remnants of the pre-internet classroom. Some artifacts hold deeply personal memories, like Jacinta Bunnell’s archive of her family’s meticulously inscribed game records that form 
the basis of her series 13.  Stevan Jennis’ paintings recall the essentials of classroom learning from a time before the World Wide Web: maps and charts, wooden rulers and film cameras. Erica Hauser’s precise, graphic renderings of retro signs, architectural fragments and dreamy mid-century cars cross archetypes of a certain American era with a flat geometry that ultimately keeps them in the palpable past.

The exhibit will be beyond TSA security in the airport's concourse, so you can only see it if you are flying in or out of Albany. For more information, please contact
 the Art & Culture Program at 518.242.2241 or

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i luv planned parenthood


When people of all incomes, sexual orientations, genders, and backgrounds have access to medical care and information that can directly alter the course of their lives, our communities thrive. Planned Parenthood has always been at the forefront of the movement for reproductive justice. For many people, Planned Parenthood is their first entryway to receiving any kind of health care at all.

Jacinta Bunnell and Rafael Perez, former health educators for Planned Parenthood of the Mid-Hudson Valley, are organizing a grassroots media campaign entitled #iluvplannedparenthood where people create iconic and bold hand-painted signs celebrating the contributions Planned Parenthood has made to their lives and their communities. You can view the collection of signs on their instagram page. Create your own sign and tag it #iluvplannedparenthood.

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As always, you can support me directly by buying books and art through my etsy store. In preparation for the Albany Airport show, I listed some small works painted on vintage flashcards from the same collection that made its way to the Albany Airport show.