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We have endeavored to present to you a panorama of life at the Queerbook Committee, as a record of our life here and ever after, during diligence and leisure, which at times may appear the same. If this reveals memories of life on campus, reflects the love and devotion we feel for you, the honored students of coloring books, or if you spent Senior Skip Day coloring, then we have fulfilled by exaggeration our purpose. Herein lies a record of the multitudinous things which make up the intangible existence some may call the Queerbook Committee. The books here are for every body, and especially you. Ever onward…



Jacinta Bunnell has been an educator and author for over 20 years, facilitating workshops at schools, conferences, shelters, and bookstores in the United States and Canada on independent publishing, art, activism, and gender in the media. She has toured the US and Canada with the Gadabout Film Fest, Neko Case, Maeve End, Julie Novak, Michael Truckpile, and Anne Elizabeth Moore. She has presented at Vassar College, The 519 Centre, Sarah Lawrence College, Zine Archive and Publishing Project, GenderPAC, National Conference on Organized Resistance, Bard College, University of Washington, In Other Words Feminist Community Center, Bluestockings Bookstore, Homo-A-Gogo, Alley Cat Books, Center for New Words, True Colors Conference, Secret City, Multicultural Education Conference, and more.