Just a reminder of a few events coming up: one in the Hudson Valley and one in the Bay Area. I hope you can come. Send your friends. I would love to meet them.


gendertastic coloring book making

I will be offering this workshop as part of Meadowfest. This Fall Book Fest & Barn Dance will include readings, workshops and a barn dance.

Are you frustrated with the lack of gender-fluid, feminist and queer visibility in youth media? Do you love coloring books? Here is a place to let your visions for a better, more inclusive world get back at all the fairy tales that have hurt your feelings. This workshop is like spending time in the craft cabin at your favorite feminist summer camp. Using found images from pop culture, you will transform these ordinary images into your own gender-tastic coloring book. Don't miss the chance to make friends, cut-n-paste with a real glue stick and change the direction of pop media.Age 11-adult.

A barn dance with Mike + Ruthy's Family Band will end the day. The event will take place at High Meadow School located at 3643 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY. More info and updates about the specific time of the workshop on Facebook.


coloring book skylark & art sale
e.m. wolfman bookstore
oakland, california

WHO: Coloring book renegades Jacinta Bunnell, Claire Siepser & Crystal Vielula.

WHAT: An evening of political play, art, DIY mischief, camp, gluesticks and coloring.

HOW: The artists will bring coloring pages from their own books and other silly coloring books. Come and color, build exquisite corpses or make collages. Let’s make a big radical colorable exquisite corpse or a 100-page Franken-book. We bring the crayons, paper and glue stick. You bring your imagination.

Long before coloring books for adults were a craze, artists have been creating unique coloring projects which provide humor and cultural commentary for people of all ages. Folks like Jacinta Bunnell, Crystal Vielula and Claire Siepser explored queer identity, politics, feminism, DIY fashion and other themes as far back as 2001. Join these artists as they collaborate with participants to assemble all sorts of coloring books into unexpected declarations of the coloring book of the future.

A pop-up art sale will ensue since the artists will have several original paintings and prints available for one evening only. $10 covers materials and snacks. Invite your friends on Facebook and help us spread the word.


My etsy store is open day and evening and Steven's dog might just be your cashier. I can't tell you how important it is to buy direct from me because when the giant corporate amazonian box stores sell my books, I get about thirty cents.

There are some new t-shirts and totes in my online store.

I have a new tumblr. Let's follow each other! My new fabulous intern Alanna Rebbeck helped me set it up.

jacinta bunnell