Confession: it has been 5 years since my last coloring book.

When I first met Leela Corman over 10 years ago at a Lynda Barry Writing the Unthinkable retreat, I never dreamed that we would one day create a book of ABCs together.  I have come to be a great admirer of her and her work. And there is a very special photo of her pre-teen self in the back of our new book. You should buy it just for that.

A is for Astrology. B is for Beaches. C is for City Hall... Sixty-four pages illustrating 26 words highlighting memorable victories, collective moments and ordinary schemes in LGBTQP culture. As you crack the spine on this book, we hope you are left asking, “Isn't everything fabulous in this world just a little bit gay?” You must have already wondered that anyway, right? This question is celebrated on every page.

I am enduringly grateful to PM Press and Reach & Teach who continue to say yes to to my irreverent field studies. They are the embodiment of the perfect publishers, growing wildly in an age where indie print media has taken a nose dive. I love them and all the revolutionary writers they support. Take a look at their catalog when you have a chance.


Mountainous gratitude goes out to Serena Rodriguez who sat for unnamed hours with me in my living room and helped me turn my sketches and brain dreams into a print media reality. ALSO immense love to Julie Novak who can go back and forth with me for hours out-gaying one another. It is because of friends like her that I can even think of things like this. Colossal appreciation for Neko Case who let me run rampant in her gorgeous library of vintage books so I could take notes, snap photos and study as I made preparations for this book. These people are all so supremely good, through and through.

Most of all, thank YOU! Maybe you bought a book directly from me and sent it to your niece. Maybe you came to one of my workshops and made me cry with your vast amounts of love & creativity. Maybe you sent me a nice letter. Maybe you told me what a difference my book made to your family. YOU keep me going, filled with support and encouragement.

The best place to buy the book is from my etsy shop, but it will also be online anywhere you find books.

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